Thursday, May 28, 2015

Telling like it is Thursday - I'm 62

I'm sixty two and I'm excited with all the benefits of being this special age.  For some, they wouldn't want to rush being this age but there are some perks.  Like I get to use the seniors rate discount at most golf courses in California.  Watching a movie will be cheaper for Jeff to pay for my ticket.  Most of the restaurants have a special seniors menu which is less expensive but also less portion which is perfect for my appetite.  The past three days, I have been helping Jeff paint the outside of the house.  He admitted that I have a great assistant but he couldn't afford my hourly rate if he was to pay me.  I told him the first day was regular time, second day is time and a half and third day will be double time.  He thought we could be done in a couple of days, but needed yesterday to do touch ups and clean up.  Anyway he was very appreciative of the help and all the money we saved if we had someone else do it.  What I cannot believe is that all the work and different muscles started to ache today but all in all, I still feel pretty good.  I am ready to party.  My friend Susan arrives today and we will have a great visit and will have more fun tomorrow night.  I have received several cards, email messages, texts, phone calls and early presents from family and friends.  Thank you all for remembering my birthday.  Being in good health, positive outlook and less stress makes it easy to enjoy retirement life.  My daughter said, " you don't look it and you sure don't act like it".  Although my life is going great, it is incomplete because my son left us way too early in life but I know he is watching over me.

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