Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shower Saturday - Simple and quick

Just received an invite to a baby shower next week at the place where I volunteer.  At first I thought of just sewing some items but I haven't touched my sewing machine since December.  I wanted to do something quick and simple because we are very busy this weekend and do have time to waste.  Then I started searching on Pinterest just to see what I can make that would not take a lot of my time.  There are so many cute items but I decided to pick the least amount of materials and keep the cost down.  Here's what I did last night that took all of half an hour.  All I know is that the color theme is green and blue and hopefully no one gets the same idea or hopefully she makes use of it.

The first one is for the door knob and the rest are for the closet as dividers - need to add ribbons for hanging.

In addition to the above, I will be sewing a small blanket after all.  I found a nice green flannel fabric that I have already, I just need to get a blue fleecy or something soft fabric for the reverse part of the blanket.  It will be a simple blanket but it will be very soft and fluffy.

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