Monday, May 25, 2015

Marvel Monday - Avengers Age of Ultron

When we got bored gambling in Reno last weekend, we all decided to see a movie during the day. The weather was a bit cool and some showers were expected.  It was Monday after lunch and for some reason at that particular location, we were able to get Senior's rate.  Jeff was a bit hesitant because technically he is not and he does not really want to rush it.  There were other good movies showing but the Avengers Age of Ultron had to be the one.  Our friends asked if I was OK with it since there might be some weird or scary creatures that might be involved.  My response was "if THOR is part of it, then everything will be just fine".
Really, who wouldn't love this character but most of all, who wouldn't love to see Chris Hemsworth.  The movie was a bit long but I did not mind because there's more of Thor to see.  It was a great movie and I can't hardly wait to see the other THOR movie that I haven't seen.  Hopefully it will be available ON Demand soon and if not I can wait for it on Amazon Prime.  The next day we decided to watch another movie but this time we just had to go to the cinema in our hotel.  It was an afternoon movie for $4, not a bad deal for some type of entertainment.  My friend and I watch Cinderella while the guys watch Jupiter Ascending.  Nothing exciting to report, in fact I think I dozed off during the first part of Cinderella.  I really thought that it was going to be the animated version.  There's nothing special because everyone knows the story from beginning to end. 

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