Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tinting Tuesday - Color Scheme

Do you get excited going to a paint store?  Do you like selecting a particular color and find the best complimentary color?  One would think I really have to find a new hobby or get a life, as the saying goes.  Jeff and I have been contemplating lately about painting the house.  He asked for my opinion and we did a little searching online.  Yesterday he decided we should get the pain since he has some time off to do this job.  I will most likely help him with some of the house painting as long as I don't have to get up a ladder.  Since he has already painted the new fence last year, it is only fitting that we keep that color for the trim on the house.  So I got to pick the main color which will be in the brown tone.  Here's the swatch sample that I got from Kelly Moore.  As for our front door, I have suggested that we paint it with an accent color which is in the family of green tones.  Once it's all completed, I am hoping to share the before and after.  I will try and remind Jeff to make sure to take photos.


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