Sunday, May 24, 2015

Swift Sweep Sunday - Plus vacuum and mopping

With only five more sleeps left before my southern belle arrives and my birthday party, I started doing some of the cleaning on Friday.  Jeff has been busy prepping the outside of the house for painting.  It's not as easy as some would think.  He has to clean all the areas and take some of the items that are leaning on the walls.  The last three days were spent just prepping and cleaning.  Since there are chores to be done inside, I have not gotten a chance to help him outside.  Although I have offered to help with the painting, I have to actually wait until some of the major areas have been painted before I can help.  The good part is that he will be using the spray with the help of the air pump which will take less time.  We will eventually do some of the areas using the roller and brush.  When I am doing some of the cleaning inside, I find that I end up organizing drawers, switching from swiftering to sweeping to vacuuming and then mopping.  Most of the time I get side track doing other things that I see while cleaning.  Somehow it breaks the monotony of the cleaning process.  I am glad I have done all those so that in a couple of days it will just be more of a touch up cleaning.  Our floors are very easy to take care of and they look really shiny after mopping.  We have to use the special product just for hardwood.  It was a tiring couple of days but I feel very productive.  I wonder what it's like to have a cleaning lady once a month.  Last year I ask Jeff if we can get a cleaning lady and his response, "I like the one I have and she does a great job".

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