Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Willingness Wednesday - Healthy meals

When Jeff and I starts gaining weight after a vacation, we would try and have healthier meals.  It's not that our meals are not healthy, it's portioning and not having late night snacks.  Since I cannot just cut down my daily calorie intake, I can return to measuring again some of the food that I tend to eat a little bit more.  As for Jeff, he has to cut down the amount of carbs.  So no more rice, pasta, potatoes and bread.  I have to make sure that the meals I prepare do not have the above.  There's plenty of vegetables (salad, grillled or stir fry) that accompanies the chicken, pork, beef and fish.  For my meals, I would just add a little of the R,P,P,B and eat the same main dish.  We do a lot of grilling and or steaming.  It's hard only for a few days, but after that we are quick to adjust with the changes in our meals.  Adding fruits to the daily meals are not different since we are already used to it.  I believe the hardest for Jeff to resist are his mom's cookies, cupcakes and any of the baking items I make.  This means no baking for awhile.  We hope we can continue this until we get down to the targeted weight.  June is a good way to jump start on eating healthy.

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