Thursday, May 7, 2015

Teaching Thursday - What keeps me young

Today I received my first birthday gift.  When I checked in for our tee time, I asked the man working behind the counter if I can get the seniors rate.  He asked if I was 62 and my reply was "in a few days".  And he said, "this is your birthday gift from the golf course". I was very happy, thanked him and he said, "don't rush it"  Enjoy being young.  He was actually surprised that I was very excited to be that age.  But as they say, age is just a number.  It's all about how you feel and right now I still feel young.  I am sure most of you are already doing what's on my list but maybe some of it will just be a reminder. 
  • Take care of yourself first - it's an old saying but some still think it's being selfish.  NOT
  • Eating as healthy as you see fit - I am diabetic and do not try any type of fad diets.  I keep it simple and still using Canada's food guide.  It's all about variety and portions.
  • Stay active.  Although I am not into any exercise regiment, I walk when I golf (three times a week).  Jeff and I still play tennis every now and then. We don't have a cleaning lady, so house chores keeps me busy during the week.
  • PON - princess of nap, that's what Jeff calls me.  I truly believe that taking naps re-energizes my mind and body.  It's only 20-30 minutes and that's not a lot to take a break from the world.  While they recommend 8 hours of sleep, I still think that if your body needs it, then you should let it have 8, 9 or even 10.  It all depends on how you feel.  OK, maybe this does not apply if you are still working.  
  • Family and friends are part of our lives except when they are the constant cause of the daily stress of your life.  Remember that you can be supportive without taking over their life.  Sometimes you have to let them be to figure it out themselves.
  • The three words that are so simple but realistic - Live, Love, Laugh.

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