Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trembly Tuesday - Keeping it steady

Keeping the hands steady when doing nail art is the number one rule.  Although I have done this many times, there are days when my hands are a bit trembly.  Sometimes it's because they are tired from doing chores.  Of course there are times that it could be my blood sugar going low.  When I am doing the design on my toes, I have not issue because I am using my right hand.  It's only when I do my right hand is when it's a bit tricky.  If I cannot steady my hand, I try to lean it on something to make sure it does stay there.  My friend Jean and I were going to try and use our Mani Pedi gift certificate this week but unfortunately our life's schedule are much too busy to coordinate.  My toe polish needs to be changed and my nails were chipped from the trip.  Of course I had to do a quick job mani pedi.  What do you think of this weeks nail art.  The photos might not show the true colors but they are dark pink, purple and white.

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