Friday, May 22, 2015

Furcon Friday - It was fun until...

When we arrived at our hotel in Reno last Sunday, we were surprised to see so many different kinds of animals walking around.  Well, they are not real animals, they are people in costumes but all furry animals.  After talking to some other people, we found out that it's the last day of the FURCON.  On our way to our room we saw more on the elevators, the hall ways and some are even bowling.  It seems like every one is having a great time and everyone is very friendly and didn't mind posing for a photo.  Here's some of the one's Jeff took from his camera.  My friend thought of searching the web for more info about this particular event and for some reason we read some things that made us feel a little weird. I guess you can check it out for yourself. 


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