Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tempting Thursday - Craving for sweets

Being a diabetic I have to be really careful on some of the special treats and snacks that I make.  Most of the time they are healthier snacks but sometimes it's much sweeter treats.  The other day when I say some great looking plantain, I started thinking of Banana Roll aka Turon (tagalog term for the treat).  I bought one and stopped by the asian market to get the wrapper.  In addition to this two ingredient, I decided to get a can of Jackfruit to add to this treat and make it more yummy.  The combination of banana, jackfruit and brown sugar is just like fire works when you take a bite of this roll.  It's really easy to make with only a few ingredient.  The bad part is that it's deep fried and of course it's sweet.  Oh bother, I started with only half the plantain and end up with eight rolls.  I ate four for my evening snack and the rest I ate for breakfast the next day.  I am not going to like but you can just guess how high my blood sugar results.  Doing this once a year is not a bad thing.  I had the craving and I dealt with it.  Who knows when I will make this again.  Maybe when my sister comes to visit, it's possible we will both crave for this tempting roll.  

The other much healthier snack - Banana Nut Crumble Muffins.

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