Monday, February 2, 2015

Mixing Monday - Just a group of nonsense

Just so that my followers/readers are not disappointed, I have collected a group of things to post today.  There is no theme or a specific topic, just whatever comes to my mind.  Let's start with yesterday's great Super Bowl result - my team the PATRIOTS won.  It was such an exciting game and parts of it was heart pounding.  I wore my Patriots t-shirt, hat and scarf.  Sometimes I would hide behind my scarf because I didn't want to see what was about to happen.  Anyway, the season is over until next fall.  Now on to the next topic.  Have you ever seen a very small carrot.  Let me show you what I picked yesterday from Jeff's garden.

The fruit beside it is a lime from Jeff's tree which I am using for sizing.
A couple of weeks ago, my daughter ask me to make her a blanket.  Since I did not have any project that was outstanding, I decided to go right away to the fabric store and buy what I needed.  She requested that the fabric pattern should be more for adult.  So I kept it plain and a simple pattern which I thought she would like.  The colors are very similar to her theme in her living room.  I was so excited to mail it to her that I forgot to take a photo.  But here's the fabric and you can just imagine it as a blanket with frills all around.

For my last topic I've decided to make the month of February - Friendship month.  I am sure there is a day for it but for me this is the month that I would try and reconnect with my friends everywhere.  I plan to send some emails, send some cheerful cards and maybe a package to some.  Since I have moved away from Canada, it is more noticeable how less friends reconnect.  I understand because everyone goes on with their lives.  


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