Thursday, February 5, 2015

Testing Thursday - My new nurse

Most of you know that the medical cost in the USA is just way too ridiculously expensive.  A few weeks ago I had to accept the recent change in the delivery of my insulin.  In Canada, I have been using the pen filled insulin which is so easy and portable.  Traveling has never been so easy when you use those.  Even on a day to day use, it is so easy to carry and to apply.  Due to the high cost of these pen filled insulin with our current plan, I had to revert to the old school of using syringes.  Although I have only agreed to changing my evening insulin, it has become more of an inconvenience.  Because I have to rotate certain parts of my body to give the insulin, using the syringe is a little tricky depending on where you want to inject.  It has been a week since I started using the help of my new nurse, Jeff.  Although he has been out of practice because I had fired him a couple of years ago.  There was a few times that it was a bit painful when he does deliver the insulin.  Today I am happy to report that the training has been completed and he is now a very good assistance.  The delivery is painless and I am a happy camper using the old style of insulin injection.  As for my day time insulin, I am still using the pen filled type even though it cost more.  Somethings in life are worth spending a little more just to have a better quality of life.  


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