Friday, February 13, 2015

Forthcoming Friday - Are we too old to babysit?

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day.  So today our unlucky thing is that we were asked to babysit Jeff's grandchildren (8 and 3 yrs).  Honestly it has been such a long time since we last babysat that I am not sure if we even know how to.  LOL.  Anyway since we didn't have any plans and we have not been asked to look after the kids, we thought it was about time.  We are hoping that the little one who is now three has develop a better bed time routine and sleeping through the night.  I am a bit jaded by they way things has been so I am not going to react until we actually see them at our home tonight.  Previous requests seems to have been cancelled or sometimes just not informed until later that it was not going to happen.  Too bad for us because it would be too late to make other plans.  We have not seen the kids since Christmas when they came by to get their gifts. Since we have not had them for a very long time, we have decided to give them back their toys that we kept at home.  But they have enough and did want them back to we decided to give it to other kids who will make use of them and are appreciative of extra toys.  We shall see how our pre-valentine night turns out. I guess it's more like our lucky day because we get a chance to spend time with them for a short time.  Maybe, if this actually happens, we shall see.

This was taken last Christmas and she loves anything pink.

Still one of my favorite - this was taken about four years ago.

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