Sunday, February 15, 2015

Substandard Sunday - I HATE UPS

Five years ago when I move to sunny California, I used UPS to send some of my personal belongings.  There was a couple of boxes that had a lot of broken items.  I filled out my claim since we paid for insurance, etc.  After completing forms, sending photos, spending hours on the phone with UPS customer service, their stores, etc.  I gave up because there was no way to move forward.  It was then that I told myself that I would never use them to ship any package.  For whatever reason I guess I must have forgiven them or forgotten about the incident.  Lately, it's like deja vu.  I've spent hours on the phone with both UPS and Staples (the go between for UPS and customers).  Of course it's all over again, employee not wanting to do anything, just passing the buck and no one wants to accept the responsibility.  I decided to really trash them on my blog because of what they have done to my last package.  It's for my daughter and there are some special item that I want her to have.  Now I am sure the driver has it or maybe even sold it.  I have lost it and now all I want to do is tell the world what I think of them.  The meaning of UPS....
  • Unprofessional packaging services
  • Unskilled parcel shipper
  • Unaccommodating package services
  • Uncooperative package shipper
  • Uninformed parcel system
  • Unsophisticated package system
  • Unintelligent parcel services
Here's some of the reviews that I read on the Top 1,385 complaints about UPS.
  • UPS has been jerking me around for well over a week. They refuse to take responsibility for what they broke
  • I'm appalled by how unprofessional the UPS delivery people can be, or even the service itself.
  • I seriously hate dealing with UPS. Sadly almost every online retailer uses UPS.
  • Really really pissed off with the service of UPS
  •  UPS doesn't deserve not even one star.
Somehow reading other people's experience makes mine not as bad but still very unacceptable.  Please feel free to leave any comments about your own UPS hate story.

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