Monday, February 9, 2015

Mailman Monday - UPS vs USPS

It has been over a week since I mailed a package to my daughter and she still has not received it.  This is the first time it has not arrived on time.  I am not sure if it has anything to do with the person that look after me at the USPS location at Staples.  During the week I seem to get the same employee who is a young woman who is very helpful and polite.  That Friday I came, she was not there and I got some guy who couldn't even spell and doesn't know what ON means and I had to show him in their drop down box.  Even if one is not familiar with Canada, it seems obvious that ON would mean Ontario as there are no other provinces that starts with those two letters.  When I finally got my receipt, he typed SUT for Suite.  I don't think that is even the abbreviation for that word.  Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow or next day.  This is why sometimes it's worth spending the extra money to use UPS, they have a tracking number and they are pretty good with their delivery dates.  Now a days with the latest technology, you can order something online and get it shipped within two days.  I realize Ontario is way out in the eastern part of Canada, but the inconsistency is unbelievable.  Sometimes you play less and it gets there within four days.  Then there's those other packages that cost more and arrives past the promised 4-7 days delivery.  Hopefully the package arrives this week as my daughter really wants to see the blanket I made her. Everyday I wait for a text from her in the hopes that I'll get some good news.  By the way, I forgot to mention that both our delivery person for UPS and USPS are just amazing. Everyone in our neighborhood loves them.  Maybe the problem is with Canada Post???



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