Monday, February 16, 2015

Mandatory Monday - President's Family

President's day in the USA and Family Day in Canada, however you want to celebrate today, it all equates to a day off.  Of course it's all about the sale in the US.  All the store's are open and are offering whatever discount and deals and calling it President's day sale.  While in Canada it's all about spending time with family.  Although not all of Canada have this day off as some provinces wants their own time off and can call it whatever they want.  It's not a statutory holiday but it is observed in the province of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia (Feb 9th).  It was originally created to give time off for people to spend a day with their family between New Year's and Easter.  When you have freezing weather who wouldn't want a day off to stay at home.  By the way, this only applies to people who are not federal employed, they already have a lot of time off during the year.  So whether you are celebrating the President (which is really just a day to shop for great deals) or spending time with family, just enjoy and take it easy.  

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