Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travelling Tuesday - Where to go next

It took forever to acquire enough air miles points for me to take Jeff somewhere and fly for free.  This is the year that we can do it and I have started checking out availability for the destination that will take the least amount of points.  So the search begins.  There are a couple of places we are debating on visiting.  Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  You are probably wondering why these two of all places in Canada.  These were the first two places that I lived when I first emigrated to Canada.  I lived in Yellowknife for 10 years and Whitehorse for four years prior to moving to the province of Ontario.  Although I think the Yukon is much more scenic, most of my friends have moved out as well.  While Yellowknife is also scenic in its own way, I have to say there are still friends and relatives that are still living there.  Apparently the city has grown so much that I wouldn't recognize the size of the streets and all the different buildings that has been added.  If I can remember it correctly, it has been at least 32 years since I left that true very northern community pass the 60th parallel.  It will be great to see all the friends and relatives after all those years.  Jeff would certainly like to see the Northern Lights and what life is like living in the North, or the city at the end of the road.  Maybe I'll take a survey and see how many actually participates, please check out the POLL located on the right corner.

Image result for yellowknife
Yellowknife's sky 
Image result for whitehorse
Just outside the city of Whitehorse

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