Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walking Wednesday - I need to do it

What does it take to motivate one to start walking?  A health issue or weight issue.  But why is it too difficult to start.  I see some of the people in our neighborhood who walks their dog, walks with their spouse or maybe a family member and maybe a friend.  It's not that I don't walk at all.  When I golf with my friends, we always walk unless the course has a mandatory cart rule.  Another type of walking is when I am shopping with my MIL.  I try to park a bit further from the store or maybe park in the middle somewhere and we would walk to the different store around the plaza.  Sometime ago, Jeff and I decided to walk after dinner.  It lasted about a week and that was it.  I can't seem to walk alone as it's a bit boring.  Honestly, I'd rather play tennis and run around chasing the ball than walk around the block.  Lately my sciatica is starting to really bother my left side.  When I'm up and about doing chores, it doesn't seem to bother me.  But seating for a long period of time even after driving for half an hour, then it seems to tighten and it's a bit painful.  Jeff searched for stretching exercise to help alleviate the pain but I'm not good with daily routine stretching.  What seemed to help the last time was getting an hour massage.  It relieves all the different section that is tight and I'm so relaxed after.  Now this post has to end because I've been seating and I'm starting to feel it.  I might have to do my next post standing up.  I really need to walk it.  Just WALK.

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