Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Talkative Tuesday - All talk and no action

Do you ever listen to some of your family members or friends that talks so much about something and yet their lives is full of issues because they don't know how to solve it?  If only they would spend a little more effort in trying to figure out what to do with their problem and not just talk about it.  It is a little tiring sometimes to listen to certain people who are like this.  It is also starting to get to me as I listen to the same problems over and over.  One could give some tips or advise on how to solve it but in the end no action is taken.  What happens is that all the issues just gets piled up until it becomes a big dilemma.  Now it's back to the same topic for the same issues and months later still no result.  I just remembered, these are the procastinators but sometimes I think it's also just being so cocky.  One can only listen and not judge the person, right?  But after many years, I think I am done.  I am not interested because I cannot allow myself to be drag into their too much drama in their life.


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