Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scenic Sunday - Spring is almost here

It might as well be spring.  This is actually a title of a song from the 40's or 50's that my aunt taught me how to sing when I was five.  I am surprised that I still remember all the words.  That was at least 56 years ago.  It's amazing sometimes how certain things stays in our brain.  This post is not even about songs, today is about how beautiful the weather has been.  This winter has been like spring although we are expecting some rainy weather next week.  I have been taking some photos to share with my readers and followers.

The birdie that got away.  Using my hockey stick putter, a very long birdie putt that left me hanging.

This was the cherry blossom tree on the 18th hole at the golf course where I volunteer.

For those of you who has visited us, this is the view when you come down from our home.
This egret was keeping an eye on my golf ball that rolled towards the little creek.

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