Friday, February 20, 2015

Faulty Friday - Faith versus Patience

There are two people today who are overjoyed.  Why? The long lost package has finally arrived and was received by my daughter this morning.  Two days ago, I decided to stop by the UPS store to complain about the lost package.  The young girl employee was very helpful and looking back, I should have stop there before making all these phone calls.  She instructed me to call the 1-800 number and she guided me through it.  She was coaching me what to say, etc.  Anyway, make the long story short, a investigation has been initiated.  A couple of hours later, I got a message from UPS needing more info.  Yesterday, I got another call and I returned the call.  Both my daughter and I decided to say a little prayer.  It won't hurt, right.  We have been patient since the package is a week overdue but the bad part is that they really did not know the whereabouts of the package.  This doesn't mean that I have restored my faith with the UPS.  I will have to wait a month to send my next package and I will try the US postal instead.  They are a little bit slow with no tracking system unless you pay extra, but at least I have never lost anything.  So the UPS saga has now come to an end.
By the way, just for fun, I checked on line and it appears that they are still trying to find the package and the system has not been updated.  Guess what?  I won't take the time to tell them the updated information.  

Image result for ups driver clip art
This is for the driver that delivered my package to my daughter this morning. He's our hero.

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