Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thor Tuesday - An amazing distraction

The Amazing Spider Man,  Snow White and the Hunstman and the latest THOR.  These are the kinds of movies that I would have never watched before.  You probably asking, why?  This is probably something that you don't know about me.  I don't like scary movies.  Although you must be laughing because you are wondering what part is scary about the movies I mentioned above.  Yes, it's scary - there are regular people that turns into monsters.  That is why it's scary and I get nightmares.  But wait, if the hero is one handsome young stud, then I can just concentrate and watch him without looking at the monster.  Jeff was so impressed with me because I was the one who was interested in watching these movies.  Although they are older movies, they are worth watching and I sure you have seen it in the big screen.  The good part of watching it at home, the screen is smaller so the monsters does not seem that large.  Now Jeff has been searching for any of the movies that Chris Hemsworth is the hero. We found a couple more to watch.  THOR, the Dark World and The Avengers.  I can't wait until movie night so I can just watch this handsome super hero.


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