Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweet Saturday - Happy Valentines Day!

This is probably the best selling event for Hallmark.  As the song goes, "How sweet it is to be loved by you".  It was very interesting to see people around the stores a couple of days before Valentines Day.  We were in line to pay and we notice a man with a V card and two bags of Lindt chocolate.  Another man had chocolate, a fluffy bear and a small box of jewellery.  When I was getting a card for my MIL, I was watching this young man picked a card but not just any card.  He was going through and reading the wording inside, not just outside.  It took him awhile before picking the one that he thought would be the best.  Today there are street corners selling flowers, balloons and boxes of chocolates for those last minute shopper.  Jeff did not forget because I already got my gift last Thursday.  An hour massage and lunch with my friend Jean.  It was so worth it and truly a special because I needed it.  Sometimes golf does something weird to your shoulder, back and legs.  Getting the knots and kinks out is an amazing feeling but even more when the MT helps by stretching some parts of the body.  Anyway, whatever you do today, either small or big, it's all about how special you make it.  Happy Valentines to family, friends, readers and followers.  

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