Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday - Is it even worth watching?

As the rest of the country is watching this spectacular event, I will be doing something else.
Honestly, because both teams defeated our two favorite teams: Jeff's 49ers and my Patriots, then there's no one to cheer for.  Although we would cheer for the Broncos because of Gracie and Kevin (Jeff's cousin and fiance).  I truly hope the Seahawks get the "you went to the Superbowl award")  Anyway, for those of you are true fans of NLF, good luck to whichever team you are routing for.  I wonder if my friend Gord is having his Superbowl party at his home.  For a number of years I would be invited and I love attending because all of our friends are there.  Lots of food, drinks, poker and even a football pool (buying a square or two and waiting for result each quarter).  Most of the time, I am the DD for my friends but I still have a great time.  I guess it might be worth watching the million dollar commercials and the half time show since Bruno Mars is the headline.  Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!

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