Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trimming Tuesday - My new table settings

While trying to do some early spring clean up, I found some nice fabric in a tote storage under the guest bed.  It was enough to make some placemats and more.  One was just plain and the other was quilted which was perfect.  Since I will be having some visitors next month I thought it was perfect to show off some of my sewing skills.  Actually I don't have to show off because both of my BFFs that are visiting knows my sewing skills very well.  When I was still working with them, I was the resident seamstress.  At first I was doing it for free because they are all my friends, then Rosie suggested that I should start charging otherwise they would take them somewhere else and they will be paying more.  So I did and I ended up with more repairs and request to do some other items.  Let me just show you what I've completed.  What is nice about knowing how to layout or how to make use of the fabric in hand, is that you end up with a lot of different pieces.  I am very proud to say that I've used every inch of the found fabrics.  The only thing I bought - towels and table cloth.
Kitchen towels to hang on the front of stove

Kitchen towels for the door below the sink

Table cloth which I bought at Target on sale

Four coasters, a variety of sizes of hot plates for the middle of the table

I made 6 placemats of this size and 2 placemats of a smaller size for the ends

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