Friday, February 7, 2014

Follow Friday - A saying I would like to copy

Now that Jay Leno is leaving the show, I decided to record the last few shows.  I was not interested in watching it unless his guest is someone that I really love.  Twenty years and I can say I've watched maybe twenty of them.  The other morning I watch the Tuesday night show and I was pleasantly surprised, I actually enjoyed it.  But there was one thing that one of his guest said that I cannot get off my mind.  He said that he remembers his first appearance so well because Jay asked him a question, "do you want to be here?" and from then on he has taken that saying and applied it in life.  It's so simple and yet so powerful and practical.  It applies to everyone, not just actors.  So if you did not see the show, you can ask yourself the question.  As for me, I AM SO IN.  I want to be here.  Enjoy each and every day wherever, whenever and whatever.  


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