Friday, February 21, 2014

Flowery Friday - We're trying again

That's right, we are trying again, planting flowers in our front and back yard.  After my a bad experience a couple of years ago, I thought I would not to do it again.  Remember the flowers I planted were eaten by the squirrels.  This time we remember what type of flowers they like and therefore did not buy those.  Instead we chose different once and hopefully we are successful with these.  We thought we purchased enough but when Jeff planted them, it looked very sparse.  He reminded me that when they start grow and spreading, it will cover the area.  I truly hope so.  The flowers in the back were not planted last weekend because it got dark, so they will be done this weekend.  If after a month and they still need more, then we can go ahead and get some other types and do more planting.  So far this is what we have.  We wanted to have something in the front instead of just ivy since we will have visitors from Canada in a couple of weeks.

Notice that weeds have grown, I pulled them that day and they keep coming back. Aaah!

I love these decorative cabbages in purple and white.  We hope that they don't die on us.

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