Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Threading Tuesday - It's time to use the tool

If I had been sewing most of the day, my eyes starts getting tired.  Since my sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, it's not so bad to do some sewing in the evening.  But there was one time when I needed to use my needle and thread to repair part of a jacket.  I tried using my sewing machine but I did not want to take some of the seam apart so I thought of just doing some hand stitching.  The hole of the needle was so tiny and after several attempts I ask Jeff to help and instead of trying he told me to use the tool.  I forgot all about it until he checked my sewing tool box and found it.  Although my eyes are still pretty good for doing things close up, threading a needle was a little too tiny specially when you're eyes are tired.
In case you have not seen one of this for a long time, this is what it looks and you will usually find it in the small starter sewing kit.

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