Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wet Wednesday - Much needed rain

As much as I love being out when the sky is blue and the feel the warmth of the sun, our area needs more rain.  Last week we had a couple of days of rain but it was still not enough.  The next few days the forecast is thunder showers and maybe more rain.  I hope we get all the rain we need this week but not next week because my Canadian friends will be arriving a week from now.  It's not good to promise something if I can't deliver so I am just hoping that the rain holds off for the time they are here.  After they leave, then we can have more rain again.  Yesterday while golfing, I managed to stop and take a photo of something so small.

Next week will be March already and there has been a lot of sign of springs.  The flowers have started to bloom.  The leaves have come back.  The fairways and the greens are looking really great at our golf course.  Sometimes it's a good feeling to stop and enjoy the surroundings.


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