Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seamless Saturday - Whoppie Cookies

The best thing about starting a new sewing project is the anticipation of actually figuring out what and how to make whatever item it might be.  When I was asked by a friend from my other volunteer place to make her something for her kitchen, I immediately said yes because she is a very nice person and I knew it would make her really happy.  The last week I was able to finish some of the things and I add more items because I wanted to use all the left over materials.  I forgot to take photos of the first half of her set but I was able to take photos of the second half.  She has not seen these but I thought of sharing.  Yesterday she sent me a message telling me how happy her family was to see all the items on their dining and kitchen area.

Pot handle holders and two mini for hot plates

Rectangular placemats for the bar area of the kitchen

An apron for her.  She does not know about this and it's my surprise for her
This whoppie cookies patter was so cute and she loved it.  It has all the colors that she has in her kitchen/dining area.  All the items I made are all reversible.  I have never tasted a whoppie cookie but maybe one day I would like to try making them.  They look yummy!

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