Monday, February 17, 2014

Messy Monday - That's why you need a bib

Oh bother, I started this post without the photos and when I finished adding the photos, something went wrong and wouldn't publish, so I copied it.  When I opened again, I lost all the text and all it copied was one photo.  Oh well.  Starting from scratch.  All I want to share is the latest bandana bibs I've done.  I am calling it real bandana bibs because it's made from very colorful bandana.  It's a little bigger than the set I made for Dianne.  I believe this ones should fit between one and two year old.  What is good about it - it's cotton, washable and a magnet closure.  It will be perfect for catching milk and baby food.  There's one more color - lavender but it's still in progress.  


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