Monday, February 24, 2014

Managing Monday - Back pain and Bandana

My sister said "you are getting old" and if I told my BFF aka Brother, he would say "you are old".  I'm beginning to believe these sayings after I woke up on Sunday morning with some massive back pain.  What I don't understand is that I did not do anything strenuous on previous days to cause it.  Since I don't like taking pain reliever pills, I tried using some of my favorite patch called " Tokuhon-A.  They are like little square patch that smells like Salonpas but less.  As soon as they stick to the problem areas, it starts heating and provides some relief.  Today is the second day and the pain is less but I'm taking it easy just in case.  I don't have problems moving around the house but I try not to sit or stand for a very long time.  I'm now searching for some easy stretching exercise to maybe help ease the pain.  Honestly it has been a long time since I've experienced back ache/pain.  Maybe it's part of my sciatica issue.  There's only eight more sleeps before my visitors get here, so I need to get in shape.  I did promise to share the rest of the colorful bandana bibs I finished and something else new. 

These collection of bandana bibs are so soft and easy to care.

Guest hand towel for our guest bathroom. Just trying to be creative again.

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