Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stupendous Saturday - An amazing friend

It's always been a part of my blog to feature a family or a friend on their special day.  Today my BFF aka BROTHER aka PJD aka Percy.  He's one of my younger friend who I have known for almost 25 years.  I remember the day I met him for the first time as well as the day he became a dad.  Since we both worked for the same office for a few years, we also travelled together and at some point we were partners (on the road).  I learned so much from him specially the enforcement part of our job.  He was a great teacher but he was also the best partner because you know he will always be there.  As he says, "don't worry, I got your back."  He is an amazing friend, a wonderful husband, caring father, an excellent teacher/training and stupendous officer.  There are so many memories that we would never forget both fun times and sad times.  Each time I say to him that I think I'm getting old, he would tell me, "You are not getting old, YOU ARE OLD" (in his own sweet way).  He knows exactly when I am having my lows (Blood sugar) because he says my personality changes from sweet to bitch.  It's very hard to find tried and true friend.  Happy birthday Percy!  

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