Thursday, February 6, 2014

Treasure Thursday - When you find great deals

Since I am not working anymore, I am very careful with what I use my allowance each month.  That is why I try to do what I call a treasure hunt.  When I think I want something like a new purse, a new sandals or shoes, or really anything for myself but also for our home,
I try my very best to get the best deal or as they say "the best bang for my buck".  Even at times when I see something that I really really love, I would still wait for it to go on sale and if for some reason it's not there, then I would say "it's not meant to be.  My husband says I'm a really good shopper and also very lucky at times in finding things we need for the home.  Now you are probably wondering what I will be sharing with you as far as my recent result of my treasure hunt.  I was looking for a red one to replace the one I use to have but it broke.  I have organized my purse by their color and use them for specific months.  Twelve months in a year, four different colored purse to be used for three months.  Red is for December, January and February.  Yellow is for March, April and May.  Pink is June, July, August.  Orange is September, October, November.  Sometimes I might change my spring one to Turquoise or Green.  After my red one broke, I have been using my one black very expensive Cole Haan purse, which I don't use often because I did not want it to get old.  Anyway, introducing my new summer purse.


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