Monday, April 1, 2013

Maui Monday - What I cannot do

April showers bring May flowers.  Forecast is actually sunny all the time in Maui.  We have been thinking of Hawaii for a while and finally we just booked it on the spur of the moment.  Since I have some time off, we are able to commit to this trip.  But instead of telling you what I would like to do when we get there, I opted to share what I CANNOT do on this particular vacation.
  • Snorkling
  • Paddle board
  • Para Sailing
  • Hiking through their National park
  • Driving to the long zig zag highway to Hana
  • Walking through the volcanic lava
  • Zip lining
After all that excitement or should I say a few moments of pure fear, let me share what I believe I can do and how I can really enjoy our vacation.
  • Take it easy and don't pack each day with activities - we will just wing it.
  • Relax around the pool area and maybe take advantage of the free swimming lesson from Jeff.  We have been doing this since we've been together.  He is determined that he is the only one who can teach me how to swim.
  • Check out some of the local bars and restaurants and shopping
  • Visit some of the tourist spot recommended by the locals around the island
  • Stop by three of the famous golf courses to buy a souvernir ball marker.


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