Saturday, April 20, 2013

Surprise Saturday - The two G's came by

We planned our day with house chores and sewing for me, while Jeff was taking my car for a smog check and continue with some more yard work.  After Jeff' received a phone call from his son, everything got changed.  The grand kids were coming over and spending a couple of hours or so.  We needed to do a little adjustment and yard work was postponed as well as the house chores but I manage to continue the much needed sewing.  Gamble has a new hair cut and Greenlee was wearing a foot ball jersey that's matching to her dad'sShe seemed to be happy to stay with us and did not cry when her dad left.  While I did a bit of sewing, Jeff was watching both kids.  It was very nice to hear every now and then Gamble would say "I love you" to Jeff.  Greenlee on the other hand is learning how to speak and so far she can say, "bye", "aye", "stop" and Dad.  She also loves to blow kisses, clap her hands and dance a little.  When Gamble started playing video game, Greenlee started getting tired and needed a little nap which she did for about half an hour.  It was very tiring to look after them as they need a lot of attention.  Their dad came back and picked them up and I am sure you know what happen to Jeff and I.  Yes, that's right, we both took a nap because we were exhausted.

Gamble's new hairstyle

Greenlee wearing #14 Florida Seminols Jersey

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