Saturday, April 6, 2013

Selective Saturday - Nail salon

How many nail salons do you have in the area where you live?  This is the one business that is not lacking in our area.  When I was searching for one salon I could go to when I need to get a full service (mani-pedi), it was amazing to see that there's one and maybe even two in each of the shopping plaza or strip mini mall.  Although I can do my own nail art and usually do my own, I treat myself to the full service when I am going on vacation or when there is a special event.  Last Tuesday I decided to check out a few of them.  I would take a peek to see if they are busy and then maybe go in a little bit to see how clean the place is.  The first one I checked was close on Tuesday.  The next one was open with a couple of customers but the place was a bit cluttered and dusty in several places.  The person asked my to pick the color but did not tell me how long I have to wait or just have a seat.  After a few minutes of observing, I left because I saw more negative stuff.  I drove across the street to another plaza and there I found Queen Nails.  It was not too busy so I decided to try them out.  The price for the service was a good deal and the place was clean.  The lady who did my nails was very gentle but gave a great hand and feet massage.  Check out my nails.

Once they start to chip and my nails have grown, then I do my own nail art which are very similar design to these.  I don't feel too bad getting them done every now and then because I know I save a lot by doing my own during the in between months.  Do you have a favorite salon you go too? 

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