Thursday, March 1, 2018

Threading Thursday - Needed a partner

While I was putting away some winter bed sheet set, I found another throw pillow that was inside the bench (storage) in the guest room.  Next thing I know, I am trying to decorate it so it can be a partner to the other throw pillow that is now on the bed.  These two burgundy pillows were from our living room couch in San Jose.  I brought it with us because I knew that I reuse it, maybe make new covers and add some buttons, etc.  So I started searching for something in the boxes of notions I have and sure enough, there was the perfect ribbon and buttons.  Here's what I had completed.  The other pillow is the one currently on the guest bed and this new partner pillow is on top of the bench. I just hope that the couple who will stay in the guest room does not use it for a pillow fight. That would be funny. 

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