Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tracery Tuesday - Back to embroidery

When my BFF told me how she loves the embroidered kitchen towels that I gave her a couple of years ago. This made me think of getting back to embroidering again.  I started shopping for towels and cannot find them at fabric stores or other store.  Of course when I ask Jeff to find some online, he immediately found some good deals and ordered for me.  Now I have them whenever I need to do a few for gifts.  My first project will be for Rose and I already have the designs for both towels.  The next one is for my BFF's daughter who lives in Vancouver.  She is moving to a new home in September and I thought it would be a perfect house warming gifts. Here's how I start these towel projects. The completed product will be posted if I finish it by the time this date comes, if not, the date of the post will be change to accommodate for the time to complete the embroidery.

First I search for a design online.

Next is getting the towel ready, basically ironing it flat.

Tracing the design on paper in order for me to retrace it to the towel and I personalized it by adding an initial.

Now the towel is ready for my embroidery. Sometimes picking thread colors gets tricky.
I ended up finishing this first as it has less design.  The one above is a bit more detailed will be next.

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