Saturday, March 10, 2018

Stitching Saturday - Beginner's Quilt

Quilting is something I have never done because it looks too difficult and tedious.  But most of the quilted stuff I have seen are blankets which are big and heavy.  When we went to dinner at my neighbors a month ago, I saw some small hot plates (to protect the table surface) which she had made.  It looked really nice and seemed easy because it was a smaller scale.  So while cleaning my sewing area, I decided to check out how much left over fabric I have and if in fact I could make something out of it.  I started sorting the fabrics by their colors and sort of by pattern of the fabric.  Something caught my eye that I knew would be a good start to try it out.  The pattern of the fabric was lady bug and of course, there's only one lady I could think of, my MIL.  After cutting different size of pieces of fabric, arranging them by colors and design, back and forth, finally got the right positioning of each rectangular and square pieces.  Then I had to go to the fabric store to get some fabric for the reverse part of the place mat.  Here's my first one and the rest is history.  I ended up making 12 place mats and another set with some hot plates for a friend.  My favorite is the Canadian one, very patriotic but also perfect combination of design and colors.

For my MIL

My favorite

This set is for my friend and her family who lives in Vancouver.

These are combination of old and new, the reverse part is from our old placemats.

After cleaning all my leftover fabrics, I found a small ball of filler (batting) and I ended up with this.

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