Thursday, March 29, 2018

Testing Thursday - Name Brand versus No Name Brand

Since my bread making experience is still very new, I am learning new things each time I make something.  My latest experience is making cinnamon roll from scratch.  When my sister was visiting last October, she made this cinnamon roll that was so soft, moist and yummy.  I asked her for the recipe and she immediately told me where to look.  Of course I did not waste anytime since I was craving for something to snack for our after dinner.  It was going to take sometime so there was no lollygagging.   All the ingredients were lined up as well as all the bowls and measuring tools.  As I start to prep the yeast, I noticed that it didn't seem to bubble as it should according to the instructions. So I started a new one and this time it was doing a little.  I was a little hesitant because I was unsure of the yeast and that I might have killed it.  Anyway I did the rest of the measurement, made the dough, kneaded, etc. and placed dough in a bowl and waited.  After 45 minutes it did double the size so I was ready to add the cinnamon sugar plus pecan mixture.  I rolled the dough into a rectangular size, spread butter, the sugar mix and rolled it.  The next step was to cut and place in a tray and I make sure there were enough space in between rolls.  Now the waiting game begins.  Still a bit worried that it might not rise into the proper size. OMG, I check after the time was up and the rolls looked really good. Now it was time to bake them. It was in the oven for 25 minutes but it did not look lightly brown as I wanted it, so I left it in for a few more minutes (this was the mistake I made). It cooled for a few minutes and then I applied the glaze and it looked like a real cinnamon roll.  It was just OK as it was not as soft and moist like the one my sister made. It was good but not yummy.  The problem was not me, it was the flour that I used. It was not ROBIN HOOD, it was some no name brand.  Lesson learned. When making bread or anything with yeast, use only ROBIN HOOD.  Next week I will by trying again a different recipe but using Robin Hood and following the instructions exactly the way it is written. 

After baking waiting to be glazed.

With the glaze

Before baking.

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