Monday, March 19, 2018

Me Monday - I deserve it

When it comes to wanting something new, I would normally weigh all the pros and cons prior to buying it.  A few days ago, I mentioned to my hubby that it would nice to have a new ironing board cover.  The reason for this is that I have noticed that my iron was getting some sticky stuff on the bottom plate (the part that actually touches what you are ironing).  After Jeff cleaned it, it was doing it again.  That is when I realized that there are some hot glue residue that although very tiny, it was still causing some sticky stuff when iron is hot.  So Jeff suggested that I should replace the cover because it will keep happening.  If I remember it correctly, I have not changed the cover since my MIL gave me this ironing board shortly after I moved to San Jose.  I love this board because it is very sturdy and the padding is thick and it is a full size board.  The next time we went out shopping, I stopped by at Walmart and Jeff found a really nice and very simple ironing board cover.  He said, I deserve a new one because of the amount of ironing I do, both for sewing and for our clothes.  Jeff also helped me put the new cover back after I added some extra velcro to keep the cover snug.  If you remember from previous post, Jeff always says, "it does not take much to keep me happy".  

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