Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Winter Wednesday - Warm house skirt

You are probably wondering what is a house skirt.  It is a skirt you were only and only inside the house.  It's kinda like a pajama but actually you can wear it during the day during the winter months.  I was at the fabric store last week and I stumble upon this very soft and comfy fleece remnant.  Since it was only $4.75 I decided to get it and figure out later what to do with it.  It so happen that the last few days it had been snowing and a little cold inside the house.  Although I can wear my sweat pants or leggings or jean, at times my legs would still be cold.  That's when I had the idea that I would make a long skirt so it covers my legs and use a comfy and soft fabric.  Guess what, I already had the perfect fabric.  It took me an hour and a half to cut the fabric and sew it.  Since it is a simple skirt, I did not need a pattern.  I measured my waist and hips and then ask Jeff to help me measure the length of the skirt.  It would have been quicker if I had just use an elastic for the waistline, but I opted for a zipper ($0.30) closure as I wanted to practice sewing zippers.  I added a ribbon for closure since I had it in my notion box.  So there, I was productive one afternoon and total cost of this warm house skirt - $5. Of course I can just ask Jeff to turn up the heat but actually it's already set to 20C or 68F, pretty warm, eh!

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