Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tweaking Thursday - No pattern sewing

Every now and then I like to try something that challenges my knowledge and experience in sewing. Last week I offered to sew pajama bottoms for my daughter and her hubby.  After they agreed, I immediately went to the fabric store to get my materials. Since they were not picky when it comes to pattern or design of fabric, they were open to anything even the fabrics that are on sale.  Lucky me, LOL, when I went to the store, there were a couple of designs that were appropriate and on sale. I immediately called my daughter to check if my picks would be approved. And I got two YES.  Of course I can't wait to start this project.  Although I did not use any pattern from the store, I used Jeff's pajama's for Mike's and used mine for my daughter.  But I was given their measurement, therefore I did all the adjustments that's needed and hopefully both PJs will fit like a glove or maybe just fit comfy.  I was a little hesitant at the beginning and made sure I measure twice and cut once (a popular expression I learned from Jeff's Dad).  Because I only bought enough fabric for this project, there was no room for error.  By the way, I recently made three weights that I can use to keep the materials in place when I am measuring and cutting. The fleece fabric was a left over from the NO-SEW blanket I did a couple of months ago.  To complete the PJs project, I shopped for a couple of simple t-shirts for their top and again I got lucky and bought some on sale.  Now when they visit us, they will have their new comfy PJ set waiting for them.

Pink is not my daughter's favorite color but it's ok as it is not for going out, just sleeping.

I thought this was perfect for my SIL because he loves to snowboard.

I love using these weights and although not too heavy (filled with rice), it's enough to keep fabric in place.

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