Friday, February 24, 2017

Freehand Friday - New sewing projects

When one door closes, another opens.  Remember that quote.  It's not about quotes today but it came to my mind because each time I finish a project, another idea comes along or someone else has a request or just a new idea pops up.  After finishing all the lanyards and key chain and cell phone charger holder, my girlfriend from PD requested 10 bags for her candles.  Shortly after that, I received an email from the daughter of my BFF asking if I don't mind sewing her 3 travel toothbrush holder and 5 produce bags.  Since they are very simple projects, of course I said yes.  The ten bags are pretty straight forward. I need six medium and four small that are square.  It will have some sort of sheer lining with drawstrings.  Simple right?  I don't need to look it up or make a pattern.  Measure twice - cut once.  I learned this from Jeff.  For the second project, I will have to play around it for a bit before making the final product.  Just looking at the photo, it does not seem difficult.  Hopefully I can show you on this post the same of these two projects.  I am very excited sewing them and more excited to get the feedback from the recipient. 

Toilet paper holder.  I remember sewing these in the late 70's.

Large bag for candles for my friend Christina's party lite.

It should have been all the same fabrics but it was not enough for 6 bags.

The small bags also for candles and holders.

The other bag which hopefully she won't mind that it's different fabric.

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