Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Truthful Tuesday - Happy Valentines

The most romantic day of the year is being celebrated by people all over the world.  This year we decided to decorate our tree with something special just because.  I thought that I might as well use our tree to celebrate what ever holiday falls on each month. In the beginning I was only using it to hang Christmas card and decorate it around December.  Shortly after we were getting cards for Easter, birthdays and other holidays.  That is when I got the idea, use the tree to hang all the cards we
get throughout the year and maybe decorate it with whatever holiday falls for that month.  As you know cards are getting very expensive and people are starting to send virtual or text messages.  This year we decided to do something different.  While we are out and about, we checked out valentines card and pick one or two that we think we would get for each other.  Then right there, we get the card, read it and then place it back.  We figured it's the thought that counts.  Is that being cheap?  No, it's being practical. We also decided not to buy gifts instead just go to a nice dinner on a different day when it's not so busy. What do you do with the cards after?  It gets thrown in the recycling bin because we don't want to keep storing items that will just get discarded at a later date.  Now here's my wishes to all my followers and readers.
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Each heart contains a name of family members and friends who are special.

This is the flag I made a couple years ago that I decided to use in front of our home.

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