Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweetness Sunday - It's so yummy

After searching and reading instructions and finally buying the ingredients, I successfully completed making my very first MACARONS.  Although I wish I had followed another recipe after tasting one, I thought I did pretty good specially when I don't have any piping/frosting experience.  There were a few things that was not quite right.  The tip that I bought was too small.  The batter was a little thicker and since I have not made them before I had nothing to compare.  Almost forgot, the sizes were a little bit irregular.  I had to ask Jeff to do the filling and I had to admit that he did a better job than me.  Since I didn't have any cream to make the filling, I thought I would just wing it.  It was made of white chocolate (Ghirardelli), cream cheese, a little vanilla and a splash of Rum Chatta.  Surprisingly enough, it was yummy.  My MIL gave me a different tip which is a little bigger after she tasted her very first macarons, the one I made.  I thought I would try and taste one which I filled with Nutella.  Well, here's the results and I hope you continue checking my blog for my next colorful macarons.

Vanilla macarons with Nutella.

Strawberry chocolate chips cake.

Vanilla Coconut Cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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