Friday, February 17, 2017

Flooding Friday - No more drought

Rain and more rain is the latest forecast.  My prediction - we don't have drought, in fact every day in the news, there's flooding every where, mudslide and dam overflowing.  Even the golf course that I play weekly has some sections that are just filled with water even crossing the cart path.  The state have been wishing for rain and now there's way too much that it causes more damage.  Everything is so green and the grass are growing so fast.  Of course the problem will come in the middle of summer when all the grass become brown and dry, now the will be fire hazards.  It's like you can never win with what mother nature brings.  Here's a few photos to share.  
Last September that gully was so dry and empty.

Ducks are just having a great swim.

That's actually the cart path towards the 9th hole.

My new orchid that I got from Jeff for Valentines.

Most of the days the sky look like this, so gloomy.

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