Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Movie Monday - Not allowed to pick

My daughter always reminds Jeff or any of my friends - "Don't let my mom pick the movie".  And she has every right to say that.  I am so bad at it but Jeff still offers for me to pick even though he already knows the result.  The issue on picking a movie is that Jeff has different taste and although some of them will most likely be a great movie, it is probably too scary for me.  Of course, the definition of scary for me is again another issue.  I am not afraid of a little violence aka guns and all, it's all about the looks of the people or creatures on the movie. A while ago I posted some of the type of movies that I refuse to watch.  For whatever reason these kind of movies give me nightmares.  Let me give you an example and truly I don't mind if you laugh or shake your head because I know you will.  Here are some of the older movies that I cannot watch and will not watch.
  • Avatar - those blue people are scary
  • ET - that little cute creature is creepy
  • Men in Black - whatever those creatures are called they are awful
  • Exorcist - I am even having the chills just typing this word
  • Vampires and Wolverines - when such a good looking guy turns ugly
  • Walking Dead and Grimm - Jeff watches these series and I will go to bed early, shut the door and wear ear plugs and play games on my Tangerine Fire.
Now you are wondering what other movies can you watch or what movies have I picked that's really bad.  Again, you might think that these movies are actually OK, hopefully.
  • The light between two oceans
  • Me before you
  • Jackie
  • Miss you already
  • Manchester by the sea
Since we can now just watch some of the current movies on the TV at home using a special APP, we can truly enjoy our movie night.  Here's my list of upcoming movies to watch.
  • Hidden Figures
  • SING
  • Despicable me 3
  • The Great Wall
  • Allied

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