Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl Sunday - True Patriot Love

For those of you who are Canadians, you would be saying, I know where those words came from.  That's right, it's part of the national anthem of Canada.  It was the first thing that came to my mind when I started on today's post.  TRUE - I am definitely a true fan of the team. PATRIOT - that's the team that I have been cheering for since I was asked to join the weekly football pool at the place where I use to work. LOVE - what is not to love about that team.  Just look at their record.  The truth is that even though I am a true fan, I am not a very good one.  Well, at least that's what Jeff says.
When the game is on I love watching it as long as they are winning, if they are losing, I can't watch it. I would wait until the recording is done, check the scores on my phone and when I see that they've won, then I go back and watch the rest of the game.  Stupid, right.  So today, Superbowl LI, I will be brave and watch it live and cheer for Patriots without all my stuff.  Last year each time I watch their game I would wear some of these items, but this year I didn't and they have won almost all of it.  Check out my collection.  I forgot to include my key chain, a pin and my favorite mug.


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